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Come experience Art and Culture along the Mississippi River Valley!

Purpose: Mississippi River Valley Art Directory is a website promoting 400 miles of art along the Mississippi River.   The goal is to create one website organizing artists of all forms of art for easy public access to websites, place of business and events.

Within this website you will find a calendar listing current art events throughout the Mississippi River Valley.   A list of art galleries and home based art studios participating in the annual Spring and Fall Art Drives with a corresponding map, (the Spring MRVAD drive is the weekend before Mother's Day and the Fall drive is the first weekend in November). There is also a printable map, a journal of the day trips taken by Diane and Rhonda, as well as an "in the news" listing of recent articles about MRVAD drives, artists and activities. The "Join the Directory" page is an application form for artists and art galleries wishing to be included in this website and map. 

2014 Fall Mississippi River Valley Art Drive Printable Map

updated 10-14-14

2014 Fall Mapquest Art Drive Directions File for Nov1-2,2014

Updated 10-14-14

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  Fall Art Drive

 Nov. 1-2, 2014

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